Diversity & Refinement Land of Smile

Facts about Thailand

National Flag

Red = Nation

White = Buddhism

Blue = Monarchy Respectively

Geography Thailand's Area = 513,115 sq.km.
Border Malaysia (South ) , Myanmar (West&North)

Laos (North,East) , Cambodia (Southeast )

Climate Temperature range from 38 - 19 C degrees

Humidity from 82.8% - 66%

Seasons Hot (March-May),Rainy (June-Oct.),Cool(Nov.-Feb.)
Population approx. 60 million (10 % live in Bangkok)
Language Thai (English is the 2nd. widely in the cities)
Religion Buddhist 94.82% , Muslim 4.00%,

Christian 0.55% , Others0.63%

Government A constitutional monarchy headed King Bhumibol Adulyadej with 76 provinces,each sub-divided into Amphoe,Tambon and Muban
Largest Provinces Nakorn Ratchasima 20,493.96 sq.km

Chiang Mai 20,107.06 sq.km.

Kanchanaburi 19,483.15 sq.km.

Highest Peaks Doi Inthanon 2,565 m

Doi Luang 2,175 m

Phu Soi Dao 2,102 m

Largest Islands Phuket 543.00 sq.km.

Samui 239.90 sq.km.

Chang 212.09 sq.km

Principal River Chi 765 km

Mun 750 km

Nan 740 km

Chao Phraya 370 km

Clothing thin cotton is the best,a jacket or sweater(Nov.-Feb.) or mountain area in the north and northeast
Electricity 220 Volts 50 cycles
Water drink bottled water or boiled water
Dining plenty of food centers and restuarants,all 24 hours
Thai Food quite hot with herbs,but very good for health
Shopping wide range of good,land of Diversity & Refinement with inexpensive cost
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