Water Feature & Landscape: Granite,Marble,Sandstone,Limestone : Sculptures,Moulding,Statues,

The external area of building,hotel,government office,housing is the important part.The good and beautiful environment depended on natural concepts and designs.Granite,Marble,Sandstone,Slate,Rock Stone etc. are choiced for hardscape and water feature.We can fabricate the shapes of specified and install them to reach your dream

Project : Water Mark

    Granite : Indian Black, and Black Slate

Project : IMF Phase III ,Water Feature no. 8 ,Washington D.C.,U.S.A

    Granite Pavers : Emerald Pearl ,thk.75 mm,polished ,fish scale shape

Project: Private House

Main material :Gaurdian spirit House ,Wall,Steps : Thai Travertine no.076

Project : Siam Commercial Bank Headquarters and Park Plaza

    Hardscape: Thailand Granite no.511CA Bamboo Bed : Granite : Black African

Obayashi Headoffice,BKK
Diethelm Building,BKK
Rolex Center,BKK
Samukkee Assurance,BKK
Project : Bangkok University

    Water Feature : Thailand Granite 511RG (Royal Grey) , sandblasted,flamed,honed

The Monument of the Commucation Authority of Thailand's Father :

Granite no.511SP (Sky Blue)

Granite Pavers : Thailand Granite no.511APT

(Pink Grey),thk 50 mm ,chiselled surface

Gutter Pavers :
Thailand Granite no.511 SP

(Sky Blue),thk 20 mm ,flamed surface

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