Staircases: Round Granite Staircases, Internal , External ,Treads ,Risers,Skirting

    Staircases are the hardest traffic area.The granite is the best for this duty.It could be cladded many shapes (straight , spiral , half - spiral )and structures such as cement , metal , .The part of staircases are treads,risers,balusters,balustrades.Let them be stone as your designs

Project : Boromrajasathitmaholan Throne

    Staircases: Sunny Gold marble

Project : Boromrajasathitmaholan Throne

    Staircases: White Carrara

Project: St.Regis Hotel,Rajadumri,Bangkok

    Marble : Ivory Crema Marfil

Project : Rolex Center, Bangkok

    Granite Staircases : White Sesame ,polished

Project : Obayashi Head Office,Bangkok

    Granite Staircases: Thai Granite no.511CA (Purple Dark Grey) , polished finish

Project : Coca Cola Head Office,Bangkok

    Granite Staircases : Cotton White and Emerald Pearl ,polished finish , fixed on metal structure

Project :Siam Commercial Bank Headquarters and Park Plaza, Bangkok

    Granite Staircases: Thai Granite no.511CA (Purple Dark Grey) and Black African

Project : Isuzu Car Gallery

Granite : Thai Granite no.511CA (Purple Dark Grey)

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