Columns: Round Granite Column , Concave & Convex Molding ,Skirting

    Since ancient time,stone columns have been the beautiful part in those world heritages.Nowadays granite and marble are still used for columns cladding to many structures such as truss,reinforced cement .After finished,the beauty of granite and marble shining out and make your buildings more value and sophisticated.

    These are showing some columns , granite molding , column installation

Project : Boromrajasathitmaholan Throne

    Columns: White Carrara,Arabescato,Limestone Ivory

Project : St.Regis Hotel,Rajadumri

    Columns: White Carrara in Thai art assembled pattern ,Black Marquina marble

Project : Siam Discovery Complex,Bangkok

    Granite Columns: Red African ,round fabricated,polished,4arcs assembly

Project : Sindhorn Building ,Bangkok

Granite Columns : Red Imperial granite,round fabricated,4 arcs assembly

Project :Chee Chin Khor ,Chinese Pagoda ,Bangkok

    Granite Columns : Red Imperial ,round fabricated , concave &convex molding

Project :Sodhorn Temple, Chacheungsoa

    Granite Columns : Thai Granite no.511 SP (Sky Blue),polished finish ,Thai art sculpture

Project : Yakult Head Office,Bangkok

Granite Columns:Thai granite no.511 CA (Purple Dark Grey),round frabricated,4 arcs assembly

Project : Q house,Bangkok

Granite Columns : Thai granite no.511 CA (Purple Dark Grey),round fabricated,4 arcs assembly

Project :PPT Head Office, Bangkok

    Granite Cladding : Cuba Brown ,polished ,

    Dry process installation : Stainless steel fixing plates on metal truss.

Project : Bangna Tower, Bangkok

    Granite Columns: Blue Pearl,round fabricated,polished,4 arcs assembly

Project: Nakorn Chaisri Golf Club,Nakorn Prothom

    Granite Columns : Red Castor , round fabricated , 4 arcs assembly ,polished finish

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