Wall: Internal , External ,Wet Process,Dry Process,Precast, Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone

  • Many kind of stones are used to be decorated wall due to their strength and beauty .Not only your buildings and housing are beautiful ,but more value also.The various of them are designed suitable for interior and exterior wall.The installation methods are wet process and dry process,which important concerning.We have long experiences in stonework installation for 50 years.Please,see our job references

Interior Wall: Wet Process,Dry Process, Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone

    Polished finish granite and marble are general selected for lift lobby,entrance hall,general wall,toilet etc. The interior designers always satisfy their properties to make imagination come true.However the installation method and stonework management are as important as stone colours.We know how to select the stone blocks from our quarries in Thailand and import the first quality stone from worldwide,produce with standard machines from Italy,the factors to success of stonework are accurated dimension,thickness,colour control,and skilful installation.We have all these properties .
Project : Boromrajasathitmaholan Throne

    Main wall: Limestone Ivory , Arch and Columns : White Carrara

Project : MahaviharnPramonkoldepmuni ,Wat Pradhammakaya

    Main wall: Crema Marfil

Project : St.Regis Hotel,Rajadumri

    Main wall: Limestone Mira Ivory ,bush-hammerred and polished, Lift Frame :Black Marquina

Project : Metropolitan Rapid Transit,Subway Station,Bangkok

    Main Granite Wall: no 511SP(Sky Blue),511APT (Pink Grey)

Project : Tsunami Restuarant,JW Marriott Hotel ,Bangkok

    Main Wall : Crema Marfil

Project : Isuzu Car Gallery,Bangkok

    Main Lift Lobby Wall : Thai Granite no.511 CA (Purple Dark Grey ) ,polished and Black African,polished

    Toilet Wall and Partition : Thai Granite no.511 CA(Purple Dark Grey),polished slabs

Project :Sindhorn Building ,Bangkok ,Thailand

    Main Granite Wall: Red Imperial ,polished and flamed finish

    Installation Method : Dry Process on metal truss with stainless steel fixing plates

Project : Bangkok Regent Hotel,

    Toilet Wall Granite : Thai Granite no.511 CA (Purple Dark Grey ) ,polished

    Vanity Counter and Bath Top : Black African,polished

Project : Yakult Head Office ,and Obayashi Head Office,Bangkok

    Main Granite Wall: no 511 CA Purple Classic , polished finish

Project : Coca Cola Head Office, Bangkok

    Main Granite Wall : Cotton White , polished finish

Project : Rolex Center, Bangkok

Lift Wall : Black African ,

polished round lathing

Project : Pig Business and Advanced Marketing

Marble Wall : Thai Marble no. 061 ( Fantasy White )

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