Floor : Internal , External , Patterns , Textures , Colors , Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone

    Generally, most of stones are used for floor decoration.There are many kinds of stone such as marble , granite ,sandstone ,limestone ,slate ,quartzite etc..Not only the various of their beautiful colours,but the textures are designed in the patterns for internal and external area.The architects create the stonework with their excellent ideas and imaginations in drawings .We make them come true ,and you will find somes.

Interior Floor: Patterns , Textures , Colors , Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone,etc

    Usually polished finish marble and granite are used in interior area .The patterns are assembled of main polished with few of non-slippery finish such as honed ,flamed or sandblasted.We have many kinds and colours of stone for your imagination as showings:
Project :Boromarajasathitmaholan Throne

    Main marble : Crema Marfil

Project : The Dubai Metro,Subway station, UAE

    Main Material : Marble composite

Project : Metropolitan Rapid Transit, Subway Station,Bangkok

    Main Granite : Thai Granite no.511 APT( Pink Grey ) , Royal Grey,and Sky Blue

Project : Kamiyachou Subway Station ,Hiroshima ,Japan

    Main Granite : Gris Perla and Rosaval , honed finish

    Border Granite : Polychrome , honed finish

Project : Sindhorn Building ,Bangkok ,Thailand

    Main Granite : Red Imperial ,polished finish

    Border Granite : Red Imperial, flamed finish with Black African frame

    Project : Siam Commercial Bank Headquarters and Park Plaza , Bangkok

    Main Granite : Thai Granite no. 511 CA ( Purple Dark Grey ) ,and Green Balmoral

    Hexagonal Spot Granite : Black African

Project : Ikari Supermarket , Osaka ,Japan

    Main Granite : Assembled star patterning

    Border Granite : Green Pearl

Project : Tsunami Restuarant,JW Marriott Hotel,Bangkok

    Main Marble : Crema Marfil

Project : St.Regis Hotel,Rajadumri,Bangkok

    Main Marble : Ivory Crema Marfil

Project : Isuzu Car Gallery ,Bangkok ,Thailand

    Main Granite : no 511 CA Purple Classic , polished finish

    Border Granite : no 511 CA Purple Classic ,flamed finish with Black African spots

Project : Coca Cola Head Office, Bangkok

    Main Granite : Emerald Pearl and Cotton White

Project : Obayashi Head Office, Bangkok

    Main Granite : Thai Granite no. 511 CA ( Purple Dark Grey )

    polished and flamed stripes,and Thai Travertino no.076

    Rectangular Spot Granite : Black African

Project :Rolex Center, Bangkok

    Main Granite : Black African and White Sesame

    Border Granite : White Sesame

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